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5 Signs You Need an Air Conditioner Repair

Because of the warm and humid climate that we have in Singapore, we would always want to go home to a cool home. All thanks to a quality air conditioning unit, you can actually achieve that. Hence, you should always ensure that it is working properly to avoid any hassle. You should see to it that you would include aircon servicing to keep your units running. But if you fail to do so, you would risk facing a lot of aircon problems. So before you call a licensed aircon technician to look into your aircon, be sure to know the different signs when you would be needing an air conditioner repair.

Unusual sound

One of the most obvious signs that you would need an air conditioner repair is if your unit makes bizarre sounds – noise that you do not usually hear in a healthy aircon. Typically, an aircon unit runs quietly. When you hear grinding, screeching, or banging, something might be wrong inside your aircon. These noises could indicate loose parts, broken components, or damaged compressor.

You should also note that the squeaking sound that your aircon produces could be a product of a malfunctioning blower or fan. When these sounds happen, you may want to call a certified aircon technician to help you get rid of the noise.

Unpleasant smell

It can also be troublesome if you start getting to smell unpleasant odors coming from your air conditioning unit. This may not only be alarming on your aircon, but it could also be bad for the overall atmosphere of your room. The reason behind having an unpleasant smell could arise from a variety of reasons. These reasons would range from the growth of molds to burned-out wire insulation. In order to protect your family from suffocation due to the smell, you already need to have your aircon repaired.

Insufficient airflow

One of the most common signs of a broken air conditioning unit is insufficient airflow. A reason for this could be the presence of a blockage that prevents the air from moving through the ductwork of your home. Other reasons could be a damaged fan, a broken motor, or a clogged air filter. Either way, removing them yourselves could be a great hassle because you could risk destroying the unit as a whole.

Air is not cooling properly

When your aircon is blowing warm air instead of cool air, then it may mean that something is wrong with your unit. It could either be a sign of a broken compressor or a refrigerant leak. When this happens, your system would work overtime to provide a comfortable temperature. So instead of it producing a cold temperature, it would instead produce hot air.

Moisture accumulates in strange places

If you would notice any leak or moisture around your air conditioning unit, then it might mean that you would need an air conditioner repair. Since your aircon relies on refrigerant to produce cool air, it may produce condensation. So if the condensates would leak, it could be a minor issue. You should note that even minor issues can rise to become major problems if you leave them unattended.

The accumulation of moisture in various places around your unit can only mean that it is not running the way it would normally be. Even you leave the leaks and moisture unattended, you may face some serious structural problems in the future.

Do you think you need an air conditioner repair?

If you think that your air conditioning unit has either of the signs that we have mentioned above, then you really need to contact a professional to do the air conditioner repair. For quality services, you should contact Yeobuild HomeCool. With experience and values on our sleeves, we deliver the best air conditioner services in Singapore.