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Air Conditioning Unit Survey and Installation

  • How long does it take to install an air conditioning unit? 

    Usually, installation depends on different factors. These factors include the size of the house, the type of unit, and even the compressor storage accessibility. The timeframe could start from 2 hours in a minimum. 

  • What type of Air Conditioning unit should I get for my house? 
    Sometimes the house type has a lot to do with the Air Conditioning unit that you should have.

    Condo – some condo property management companies don’t allow air conditioner type modification. They only allow same-type of Air Conditioner replacement. Contact your property management for more details.

    HDB Flat – if you like to install a new Air Conditioning unit in your HDB flat, make sure that window units and split type condensing units must be installed at approved locations, using approved installation methods.

  • What Air conditioner powers should I be getting?
    Air conditioners use different terms, take note of the following:

    Check the right BTU for the room size:

    BTU or British Thermal Unit: BTUs are utilised to gauge an air conditioning system’s cooling capability. It is the measure of warmth your air conditioner can expel from a specific room for each hour. The higher the BTU, the more remarkable the cooling limit will be. All things considered, greater rooms generally require climate control systems with huge BTU.

    Check the proper zoning for rooms:

    If you are having a split-type Air Conditioning unit, please take note of what room groups should be zoned. Wrong zoning will affect the Air Conditioner’s performance, the power consumption, and maintenance of the unit.

  • What are the advisable Air Conditioning unit types?
    Single room: If you just want to cool one room, a casement or compact air conditioning system would be best for you.

    Two or more rooms: An inverter multi-split framework would be progressively desirable over cool at least two rooms.

Air Conditioner Repair

  • Why is my air conditioning unit making some unusual noise? 
    There’s a lot of factors why your Air Conditioning unit is starting to make these unusual noises. We can trace it to the loosening up of the internal components of the air conditioning unit. It could also be traced to the faulty motor system that the Air Conditioning unit has.

  • Why is my Air Conditioning unit not cooling enough? 
    Dirty fans may cause improper cooling to your air conditioning units. It could also be because of the unit’s dirty and faulty parts.

  • Why does my Air Conditioning unit have some leaks? 
    Water leaks are often caused by drainage pipe clogging. If a pipe gets clogged the water will find its way out of the unit, that’s why leaking is happening.

Air Conditioning Unit Servicing

  • What is the regular maintenance do air conditioners need? 
    Apart from the regular assurance that the Air Conditioning system has an unrestricted airflow, homeowners should also take note of the regular maintenance such as the Normal Servicing, Chemical Wash Servicing and Chemical Overhaul Servicing.

  • How often do you need to service your Air Conditioner? 
    Normal service should be done at least three times a year.

    Chemical service should be done at least once a year if you are undergoing a normal service.

    Overhaul service should be done at least once a year if you are undergoing a normal service.

  • Do they need to unmount my unit when being serviced? 
    Actually, it is a case to case basis, and sometimes if the AC unit has not been serviced for a long time, then there are big chances that it needs an overall dismantling. Regularly, here are the following expectations that you should set: 

    Overhaul servicing – requires an entire dismantling of the unit

    Chemical and Normal servicing – requires a partial dismantling of the unit parts

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