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Fan Coil Maintenance: Why is it Important?

Fan coil  maintenance in air conditioning units is one of the most important duties that a home owner should do. Learn more about the ways on how this mechanism work.

As days get sunnier and hotter in Singapore, air-conditioners in both commercial and residential areas are all cranked up. To keep everyone cool and comfortable during these days, air-conditioners work all day and all night. Oftentimes,  getting them maintained or serviced is overlooked and this leads to premature failure and expensive repairs.

One of the most common issues air conditioning units have are clogged, dirty, or broken fan coils that result in decreased cooling and higher power consumption. 

Let’s take a look at what fan coils are and how to properly maintain them.

How Does a Fan Coil Work?

A fan coil or fan coil unit is a device that supplies heating or cooling in a room and consists of a heat exchanger or coil, a fan and an air filter. As part of an air conditioning system found in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, fan coils may or may not be connected to ductwork. They also may be connected to a thermostat to regulate the temperature of one or more spaces.

There are different configurations of fan coils or fan coil units. They may be concealed or exposed within the area that it serves. Some may be free-standing while others may be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall and will typically include an enclosure to protect and conceal the fan coil itself. 

Here’s how it typically works. Air enters through a filter to clean the air from any dust or debris and then enters into the fans. Typically a fan coil will have 1-3 fans inside depending on the size. The fans then force the air through the cooling coil which literally cools the air down and then pushes back down cooled air into the room or area. 

Top Fan Coil Problems

Dirt. Dust and dirt collect on the surfaces inside the fan coil unit which decreases its overall efficiency. This is a common problem in a busy city like Singapore with all the pollution in the air. When fan coils are covered with a layer of dust and grime, heat transfer and cooling function are compromised. This will eventually lead to increased wear on the parts and system failure when not serviced. 

In addition, this may also result in reduced fan speed, reduced airflow, and microbial growth inside the unit. We sure don’t want to catch ourselves in the middle of a hot sunny day with a broken ac unit or worse, get health problems due to this harmful microbial growth. 

Fan Problems. Common fan problems are often caused by faulty motor, lack of lubrication, worn belts, and again, dirt and debris. These problems may also result in poor airflow and further aircon problems. 

Another fan coil issue is a lack of cooling rows that results in poor cooling performance of the unit. This lack of cooling rows increases fan speed to meet the capacity and this sometimes creates noise that others may consider a sound problem. 

Fan Coil Maintenance

Preventative fan coil maintenance is always better than getting your aircon unit repaired at much higher costs. In maintaining fan coils, there are three basic things you need to keep in mind: inspection, cleaning, and disinfection. These things should be done regularly especially when you’re anticipating increased aircon usage. 


Inspect the interior and exterior parts of the fan coil for any debris or dust. Prepare them for DIY or professional air conditioner cleaning. Look for important signs that may lead to an aircon problem like unusual sounds, reduced airflow, improper cooling, unpleasant smell, and even moisture accumulation.


When you see any debris or dust that have accumulated on the surface of the coil, fan, belt, or air filter, you may do light cleaning with the use of a cloth, a brush, or a vacuum to clean these parts. If there are areas you are unsure of or you need your aircon to undergo a deep cleaning, call for an aircon technician near you to do it instead.


It is also important to make sure that you disinfect your air conditioning units as well. Most aircon servicing companies include this in their servicing packages. If you’re doing this yourself, an aircon antifungal or antibacterial spray that you can purchase in a hardware store or online will help curb the mould growth in the interior parts of the unit. You can also use this spray to sanitize the air filter. Let the spray sit for about 5 minutes.


If you use your home air conditioner extensively, it is important to do fan coil or aircon maintenance by cleaning and inspecting your unit periodically. Cleaning and maintaining your air-conditioner is one of the ways to enhance its lifespan and ensure efficient household energy consumption.

Singapore, being a hot and humid city, may require you to give extra attention and care to your air conditioning unit. It is recommended that you get your aircon serviced professionally. Yeobuild HomeCool, with its 41 years of experience and expertise in the HVAC industry, offers topnotch aircon repair and servicing all over Singapore. 

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