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Chemical Overhaul Basics – Why It Is Essential to Your Aircon

Because of Singapore’s hot and humid climate, having a functioning air conditioning unit has become a need in every household. Aside from producing cool air inside your home, it also reduces the amount of airborne outdoor allergens that may lead to respiratory problems. If you use your aircon regularly, you would need to have them frequently cleaned and maintained. This way, your unit can function well and efficiently. One of the ways in which you could have your air conditioners cleaned is through a chemical overhaul.

A Look at Chemical Overhaul

An aircon chemical overhaul is a process where aircon technicians would use various chemicals in order to clean and recondition your aircon units. This process removes the build-up of dust and dirt particles in your aircon. It cleans deeper than chemical washing, in which your aircon components get washed down with chemicals. In an overhaul, the technicians will have to dismantle your air conditioner. After removing the different components of your units, they will spray a mixture of sanitizing chemicals. They will continue doing this until your aircon is dirt-free.

Aside from spraying a sanitizing mixture to your aircon units, the overhaul would also include the following:

  • cleaning the pipes, drain pans, and blower wheels with chemicals;
  • lubricating the fan bearings to increase efficiency;
  • and cleaning the fan evaporator coil in order to eliminate dirt.

When To Get a Chemical Overhaul

When one of these would happen to your aircon, you should already consider getting an overhaul. If you fail to have your aircon chemically overhauled, you will risk encountering common air conditioner problems that may ultimately break your units.

  1. The drain pipes clog due to water leakage.
  2. Air filters become damaged or faulty.
  3. The fan bearings and the evaporator coils get damaged.
  4. When the vents get clogged due to dirt and dust particles.

Its Advantages

Longer Air Conditioner Life

Malfunctions would usually be a result of not having your aircon cleaned regularly. The more you ignore these malfunctions, the more susceptible your aircon would be to breakage. When this happens, you will risk shortening the lifespan of your aircon. On the other hand, having your aircon cleaned through an overhaul would increase the likelihood of having an aircon with a longer life span. Overhauls do not really just involve cleaning but would also include a thorough inspection of various components of your aircon.

Lower Energy and Repair Bills

Everyone would always want to save money. Because who wouldn’t, right? So as much as possible, you would always want your aircon to work well always to avoid paying extra for unnecessary repairs. When your aircon has an overhaul, it will deliver a smoother and more efficient performance. An overhaul will increase the likelihood of having your aircon work properly, saving you a lot of energy and repair bills.

Fresher and Cleaner Air

Since your aircon would be clean due to the overhaul, bacteria and dust particles that have accumulated within your unit would be removed. And when the overhaul has removed these harmful particles, you would breathe in and feel fresher and even cleaner air than ever before.

Its Disadvantages


An overhaul tends to be more expensive because of the chemicals, materials, and tools that the technicians would use in order to carry out the procedure. These chemicals are usually not present in cheaper cleaning processes. Plus, the technicians themselves would need more technical skills for the cleaning. That entails more bucks.

You should note, however, that quality comes with a price. If you really want to reap the benefits that an overhaul would provide, then prepare to draw some cash from your pockets.

Presence of Potentially Harmful Chemicals

As its name would suggest, chemical overhaul involves chemicals in cleaning. The chemical mixture removes mold, bacteria, and dust particles from your aircon. However, you may feel some reactions to these chemicals in your body when you would get exposed to them. So it is best to always be careful when handling these chemicals.