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What We Do

Yeobuild HomeCool belongs to Yeobuild’s Group of Companies which aims to provide a holistic Home Care Service to every Home Owner in Singapore.

With its strong roots founded on the nation’s best, Yeobuild HomeCool is committed to delivering quality services for your home’s air conditioning needs.

Years of Experience Established Since 1980

Year Warranty For All Repairs

Main Air Conditioning Services We Provide

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Yeobuild HomeCool serves you with our core set of values, which are:

Genuine – We want to have a genuine relationship with you. We take pride in our work to ensure that you and your family would breathe only fresh air from your air conditioning unit.

Transparent – We strive to be transparent by providing service reports and photos for the service we provide. If additional cost is required, we will inform you upfront before doing our job! Be confident that when you call us, there will be no hidden fee or unnecessary repair recommended for your home's air conditioning unit's maintenance!

Reliable – We get the work done with the technical expertise. We strongly believe in our capabilities, allowing us to offer guaranteed coldness* after our servicing. We get to deliver the things that we promise. Call us, and we will be there to help you out!

Yeobuild HomeCool

As a part of an overall Home Care Company, Yeobuild Group of Companies introduces Yeobuild HomeCool.

Yeobuild HomeCool serves as an established, all-around Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) company in Singapore. Yeobuild HomeCool prides itself on being one of the few air conditioning companies to use the powerful promise of technology in delivering excellent overall air conditioning service.

We provide a range of services from survey and installation, repair, and servicing for all air conditioner types and brands. Yeobuild HomeCool provides its seamless services to both public and private residences –Private Condominiums, Housing, and HDB flats.

Yeobuild HomeCool has established its expertise with its 41 years of experience in delivering home care services in Singapore. All of our technicians have the technical knowledge in giving your air conditioners the care it needs. They all are well-experienced in checking and servicing each air conditioning brand’s systems. Our professional technicians will always be here to help you out!

Yeobuild HomeCool, Always Caring For Your Home Since 1980!

Our company aims to deliver services that stand alongside our cutting-edge and seamless technologies.

Yeobuild HomeCool differs itself from other
companies with its technological advancement

Providing a unique customer service experience from booking of the services until the completion of service requested.

Yeobuild HomeCool has developed a fully-automated system –from the website up to the frontline of our services. We want to offer a modern solution and experience for all of our clients. We are one of the few air conditioning companies to use the intense power of technology to deliver a Genuine, Transparent and Reliable service to you.

A technical knowledge harnessed over the years

Yeobuild HomeCool proudly holds a group of technicians who have garnered a lot of professional experiences in the air conditioning repair and maintenance industry. We have the best people, equipped with the best tools to make your air conditioner function at its best.

A customer support service like no other

Yeobuild HomeCool helps simplify the challenge of managing your home’s air-conditioners. Call us or book your appointment directly on the website, and Yeobuild HomeCool will do the rest.

We are a part of the Complete Yeobuild HomeCare Experience!

With our 41 years of stellar service, we have grown to be a complete home care company! Yeobuild HomeCool is a part of the Yeobuild's  powerhouse group to make sure that your home is a comfortable place to live in! 

Yeobuild HomeRepair - we take care of any type of appliance repair service that you need for your homes! 

Yeobuild HomeStore - we have an in-house store for many different home appliances that you need for your homes!  

Yeobuild HomeCool -  we take the lead in providing a seamless overall air conditioning care for your units! 

Yeobuild Group of Companies, Always Caring For Your Home Since 1980!